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                                                   Source Codes in C and C++

Software Requirements: Turboc Compiler. OS: DOS or any version of windows OS.


 Sorting methods Bubble, Selection, Insertion sort. Download   |   View Code
 Implementation of  Shell sort and Bucket sort.  Download   |   View Code
 Matrix Multiplication , Addition and  Transpose.  Download   |   View Code
 Operations on String (Without using Standard Library functions)  Download   |   View Code
 Operations on String (Append, Copy, Palindrome, substring ..etc)  Download   |   View Code
 Bitwise operators uses and implementation.  Download   |   View Code
 Generation of Fibonacci series  and Binary Search.  Download   |   View Code
 File Operation (Create, Add record, Search ,Delete File etc...).  Download   |   View Code
 Creation of Hash table and Linear probing.  Download   |   View Code
 File Creation and adding records using linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Decimal To Binary Converter.  Download   |   View Code
 C Program to add very long integer values. (unlimited no of bits).  Download   |   View Code
 Sorting methods using graphics.  Download   |   View Code
 Shell sorting method.  Download   |   View Code
 Program to calculate the average marks.  Download   |   View Code
 Breadth First Search and Depth First Search of graph.  Download   |   View Code
 Binary Tree Creation in C.  Download   |   View Code
 Binary search tree Creation and searching value in tree.  Download   |   View Code
 College Database using Linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Creation of Doubly Linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Doubly Linked list and all Operations.  Download   |   View Code
 Simple Text Editor in C.  Download   |   View Code
 Simple C program to swap two numbers.  Download   |   View Code
 Fibonacci series using  Recursion.  Download   |   View Code
 Creation of Binary File and Operations.  Download   |  View Code
 Creation of Linked list and insert delete operations.  Download   |   View Code
 Sorting of Linked List.  Download   |   View Code
 Reversing the elements of Linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Merging of Two Linked Lists  Download   |   View Code
 Add value, Delete value from list.  Download   |   View Code
 Bisection Method, Secant Method, And False Position method.  Download   |   View Code
 Newton raphson method and Modified Newton Raphson.  Download   |   View Code
 Langranges Interpolation method.  Download   |   View Code
 Newton Gregory forward and backward method.  Download   |   View Code
 Trapezoidal method and Simpson's 1/3 and 3/8 rule.  Download   |   View Code
 Euler's method and modified method.  Download   |   View Code
 Runge Kutta method.  Download   |   View Code
 Gauss seidel and Gauss elimination method.  Download   |   View Code
 Solution of linear simultaneous equation.  Download   |   View Code
 Creation of Binary search tree and Preorder, Postorder, Inorder  Download   |   View Code
 Creation of Polynomial ,addition, Evaluation etc..  Download   |   View Code
 Implementation of Queue using linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Area of Circle and circumference of circle.  Download   |   View Code
 Singly linked list and all operations on Singly linked list.  Download   |   View Code
 Sparse Matrix  Download   |   View Code
 Implementation of Stack and push, pop operations.  Download   |   View Code
 Stack implementation using arrays.  Download   |   View Code
 Union and Intersection of Set.  Download   |   View Code
 String copy and finding the length of input string.  Download   |   View Code
 String Conversion uppercase lowercase, uppercase, substring.  Download   |   View Code
 Polynomial creation and Addition, Display list.  Download   |   View Code
 Binary search tree, Leaf nodes, Breadth first search algorithm.  Download   |   View Code
 ASCII value equivalent Character.  Download   |   View Code
 Conversion of infix notation to postfix notation. Download   |   View Code
 Conversion of infix notation to prefix notation Download   |   View Code
 Miscellaneous c code  Download   |   View Code
 Download many other  C source codes.  Download   |   View Code

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